Realwe Many Functions In A Small Cylindrical Pattern

Realwe many functions in a small cylindrical pattern. I love this Bluetooth speaker. There are many things I like about the speaker. It's great to have a three-in-one flashlight, electric Bank and speakers all in one. First and foremost is the sound that these speakers produce. She has a beautiful voice and mobile phones. The sound is very rich and no distortion regardless of the high altitude you return. Center on one end and have a 3 ways. Bright light, dim light, and bright lights. Flashlight on the speaker useful when I walked to the car in the dark or if I dropped something on the floor of my car.

Realwe Many Functions In A Small Cylindrical Pattern

That is the speaker flashlight Bluetooth. It was very easy to pair the phone to the Bluetooth settings. The next day is the radio mode. You hold the power button down and look for the station. I think this is really neat. I only got about 5 stations come. But it was better than nothing and I think it depends on your location. Then AUX mode. You just plug in the audio cable. Then there is the TV card mode. I'm not familiar with so I did not try it. Then there is the electric Bank. It comes with a USB connector so you can charge and charge your phone if necessary. It is also equipped with AUX cable. As if all this was not it can also be connected enough features to your computer. This Bluetooth speaker really can do it all.

I like the fact that rechargeable so you do not have to pay the purchase price over and over again by buying batteries. I do not play for 10 hours, but the company claims 10 hours on a charge. You can also charge your phone with it as well. I'm really in love with this lamp spokesman Realwe, and a lot of functions packed in a small cylindrical pattern. I highly recommend this product if you are in the market for Bluetooth speakers.

Realwe LED Flashlight Bluetooth Speaker Price: $35.99

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