ECEEN ECE-BTSpeakers Zipper Protects Your Phone

ECEEN ECE-BTSpeakers zipper protects your phone. I was not disappointed. Everything turned out. Great for a bike or just listen. The sound quality was fine. I dream of a speaker of this size with full bass response, but I do not think the technology in this weight class for a while to be. Out of the box only when and how the style / design / utility. Velcro fasteners and a zippered storage compartment gain extra points. Emission levels for these surprisingly loud for the small size. The only thing that gets me is that the bass has a crackling / buzzing sound at higher volume, which makes me cone speaker with a torn think of an old speaker or cracked.

The fact that the case and Bluetooth speaker is so inventive that it blew my mind. I really can bring to the beach and put all my personal belongings in this case zips and just enjoy the music so far is perfect. I love the light green color and zipper has received little thing that I take with my finger and just go. Filling in the bag and the actual charging cable can be stored inside the case, so it will not lose. It costs relatively quickly, and when the charge nearly speakers would really say a voice is gone. also have a clip that you can attach your bike or your waist when you run or play sports and want the music to be loud, or with whom you share accompany.

This speaker is a surprise for me. It keeps all your stuff in one place. Eceen sound very good to the speakers. Great bass sound and I loved it. I would recommend these speakers especially for your children anyway.

I was really impressed with this speaker. When the package arrived I thought how good it could be. Boy was I wrong. It's awesome. The phone is embedded in the side of the speaker and the zipper protect your phone. Speakers and excellent sound quality. You can answer calls outside the speakers, if necessary. Has a clip on the speaker itself, so that you can attach to a belt or a bicycle. It is also waterproof. You can not be in the water, but outside, the phone without messing be too wet. This is definitely worth the price. good product quality. Thoroughly recommend ECEEN ECE-BTSpeakers speaker. It's just amazing.

ECEEN ECE-BTSpeakers Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.99

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