iDap T-3 Music Pulse Very Bright Colored Lights

iDap T-3 Music Pulse very bright colored lights. I am very happy with the iPad Tech Corporation Bluetooth speaker with LED light! These speakers are in a box that is fully charged and ready to play. I can play these speakers for 4 hours at a time out of its packaging, has to fill without speakers. This speaker is equipped with a USB port charging cable when it needs to be replaced, which is easily connected to your USB port and a quick charge. The speaker itself is approximately 5-6 inches long, and the lights went almost edge to edge in front of the speakers. When you turn sound speakers in a sexy accent announced that the device is ready to pair. At this point you can create a button on the speakers and turn press FM radio, if you wish, or you may be coupled to the telephone. This speaker is really easy to connect to my iPhone, and if it is paired back the voice and announced in the same delightful accent, that the devices are successfully paired.

The volume can be controlled by a button on the top of the speaker, or you can control the volume directly from your mobile phone, which is a very handy feature. Lights dance to the beat of the music that was fun to see and create a party atmosphere! My kids really love these speakers. We turn to the speakers, turn off the lights, and a family dance party! Blade enough to create a party atmosphere and to hear about 4 screaming and squealing loudly boy as they walked through the living room and danced. I will definitely use this speaker in the party at my house, barbecues, or just as a fun family activity!

The sound quality is good. My children, as it is becoming increasingly difficult and still clear and sharp static heard without. There are several ways that you can listen to music. I usually close my BT-enabled devices and play music directly from my device. If you have a microSD card, you can get a on the rear speakers and MP3 music playback. It comes with an audio cable, so you can use it directly in the machine / computers without the need for BT. It also has a radio mode, but there is no way to see which channel you are. You just have to keep looking until you find something.

The speaker itself is light and portable. It has two rubber feet on the bottom keep slipping around him. It is rechargeable and will not require a charging cable. It's easy to BT and has to combine an excellent range. I can my phone to run the house without connection problems. I also really like that the speaker has a built-in microphone, so you can use it to talk on the phone while a connection to BT! This is a great speaker with many great features!

I am very happy with my purchase Bluetooth speaker with LED light of IDAP Tech. I have a lot of Bluetooth speakers bought some good and some not so good. It's good! If in a nice box, make a great gift. I think the set would be difficult, but it is very simple instructions. Just go to the unit on (Phone, iPad, etc.) want to connect, and turn on Bluetooth, go to the settings and pair with new speaker. Making sure switched. It is a voice that speaks through a loudspeaker to you that you let them know that the device is successfully paired. Sound from small speakers are awesome !! You can hear every instrument that is very clear and the bass is unreal!! The volume buttons are very easy to use.

I love the light on these speakers! Very bright, colorful lights, the color in time with the music pulsate and change. You can use the lights to stay or that it is very easy to deactivate by pressing the button on the left side of the device. This speaker also comes with FM radio, you can press the left mouse button and by Bluetooth, Aux there is radio fm be, then hold the button on the right side and start scanning to find your channel. If you find one that you like, press the button again to stop scanning.

The Bluetooth speaker with IDAP great technology for use with your phone for hands-free operation such as driving, the sound is very clear. It has a handle on the floor on the instrument panel to be mounted. If you do not have a Bluetooth-enabled device, you can still enjoy this as a speaker cable with a 3.5mm cable included. just not loud enough for your needs ideally adapted for use with the laptop, where speakers are. Overall, very impressed with iDap T-3 Music Pulse speaker and recommend it definitely.

iDap T-3 Music Pulse Bluetooth Speaker Price: $31.50

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