Audio Technica AT-LP60 Disk Design Looks Awesome

BSR - Audio Technica AT-LP60 Disk Design Looks Awesome. I love this turntable. It is very interesting when you play a clear record. I like the new clean look and was surprised to see the look modern and tidy. Closure is easy to clean and protection from paper dust while playing. Quick to install, coupled with speakers and easy to use. This, of course, will not be the caliber of the most expensive unit, but it looks good for what I paid for it. All I had to play my old album. I invited friends to bring their album, and we had a lot of fun to listen and get up and down to flip the album over or get a new one. You really can not go wrong with this deck.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Disk Design Looks Awesome

I had a little trouble at first to keep the tape in the groove at the bottom of the metal plate, but I think it is to move the player around a few times to get them to the right place at home, the connection is not as good as it is when using a cable or connected to receiver and speakers, but we hope these tips helpful.

The first problem, I understand the flashing lights and colors. If you press the Bluetooth button, and flashing purple / blue several times, but stops flashing and then you are disabled. To pair the board and speakers, first turn on bluetooth speaker and place the speaker in pairing mode. Then hold the Bluetooth button, and if it flashes purple / blue repeatedly arrested and blue flashing purple / the only time, then release the button. This should start with alternately flashing red and blue, which means in pairing mode. If successfully installed, it turns blue.

My second problem is that I try to use the first speaker does not seem compatible. I kept trying, and refusing to pair. Then I tried with both Bluetooth speaker and successfully paired on the first try. The first speaker to work, of course, with a wired connection, and volume buttons on the speaker performs the function.

Now I have no complaints and enjoyed a lot of notes on that player. Do not give up because you will love this turntable. Audio Technica AT-LP60 disk design looks awesome. I still recommend this product, but not as much as I want bluetooth.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Price: $179.00

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