Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 1297846 Voice Came Out of Nowhere

BSR - Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 1297846 Voice Came Out of Nowhere. It is easily the best sound for its size and price. As the B & O watched around watching one of the best portable speakers. Already, many wireless speakers, Bluetooth, this is still the best. I was very impressed with the sound quality of this tiny little speakers. Filled with all the speakers this modest little room. He's rich, comparable to much larger systems, voice-over, will be generated. It looked like a much larger speaker, and creates the illusion of a plurality of speakers.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 1297846 Voice Came Out of Nowhere

It is a small size is easy to carry. It slips easily into a bag or suitcase luggage. I do not put this issue. Extended battery life up to now, we have only seemingly infinite in moderate volume in the room. My understanding of the contact portion of the other is in addition to a Bluetooth device that can easily be filled with a USB charger, there is a microphone, it is possible to adjust the voice response applications, mobile phones can be used to lay the dust, it must hold water

30 watt amplifier and subwoofer quality aluminum tweeter of the pair, the speaker will be able to push hard almost no distortion. Place a wooden box, it is even more subtle bass resonance. We, the speaker does not speak loudly objective of providing a very high range of low to high frequencies. It is honestly hard to believe how out points. a surprising amount of bass there is also a small package, I get a lot more full-day volume of media usage.

The soft gray of the base at the gate money very well together. It is not only the number of the sequence, and the 3.5mm jack and USB input for charging -C. USB-C, which is still the right place is fairly new, is that you can plug the charging cable in all directions.

The President is really simple, automated, connected via Bluetooth to the iPad only takes a few seconds, I have no problem with their mobile music and Pandora. Despite the efforts of the mobile phone, because he did not see the speaker, however, the connection to the iPhone is a little more difficult. I finally solved the problem by downloading the application from the App Store IOS BeoPlay, and follow the instructions of the head to easily connect my device. I Once you install the app, I found the speaker! It also provides an update. This application is available.

I want to be very beautiful in my music is a big list, and these speakers are sharp without giving me very well. When I heard the game I love music well known to me, you will not be able to detect whistling, crackling and distortion. the bass level is overbearing, too, because it's good for me, it is balanced for my taste. President built appearance is very beautiful, and very good.

Beautiful voice and the perfect size to take everywhere together, rich sound and clean. This provides better sound, and volume on my smaller devices in large stereo speakers. The President was all a lot of wonderful response beyond my expectations, Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 voice came out of nowhere. I am very appropriate speakers, you will not be able to recommend more than this.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 1297846 Price: $249.00

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