DKnight MagicBox II Great Sound and Long Battery Life

BSR - DKnight MagicBox II Great Sound and Long Battery Life. Do not be fooled by the size of the small speaker packs a punch. beautiful voice calls and even erase. This can quickly fill a room with a strong voice and can manage the size of the volume. He had to jump over the keys to the next song or the last. It's nice when I'm driving. I only have a few weeks, but it worked perfectly. Very satisfied, this small Bluetooth speaker sweet. Easy to set up and use. Sounds nice and cheap. It's a beautiful small speakers. The battery lasts longer surprising. The manual says it could take up to 12 hours on low volume. And it can be difficult, the sound quality is very impressive. Super easy to use and very good battery life. We caught the camping and the battery lasts all night, and come to a solid surface also makes a big difference.

DKnight MagicBox II Great Sound and Long Battery Life

Many great sounds that come from small packages. Sound distortion when you play on a certain level, but it is expected. The device is as simple as that. I keep the volume at mid-height, and I was very satisfied with the sound quality.

We had no problems with the connection. Just turn on the speakers and turn on Bluetooth on your device and you're done. So it was nice to hear the sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker for the size and price.

Product exceeded my expectations, high-quality products at a price that is very very good. Highly recommended, DKnight MagicBox II great sound and long battery life.

DKnight MagicBox II Price: $33.99

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