How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker? Ultimate Buying Guide

Bluetooth speakers are becoming a new trend in India because everyone wants portability. People do not like to mess up with those wiring during music streaming.

At the same time, they don’t want to deprive of music outdoor. So, Bluetooth speakers are loved by Indians for picnics, camping or outdoors.

According to the Mordor Intelligence report, India’s wireless speaker market is expected to grow by 10% annually during 2021-2026. This is because of the surge in wireless streaming demand, digital music growth, innovations & market trend.

But why do you even need a wireless speaker in the first place? What are the things to keep in mind and how to choose the best Bluetooth speaker?

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

What is a Bluetooth Speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is just like an ordinary speaker which takes the audio signal from your phone or laptop and delivers the analog audio. But, it’s completely wireless. That’s what makes it portable.

You can use wireless speakers at home, outings, party or small get-togethers. They remain connected to the source device (might be a laptop or smartphone) via Bluetooth protocol, up to a range of 10 meters (which is the standard range of Bluetooth).

The upper hand of wireless speakers over traditional speakers is their portability. You can use them anywhere & anytime you want. They take less space, are user-friendly and are immune to water splashes (if waterproof).

How to Use Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Using wireless speakers is a cakewalk, i.e, very simple, quick & easy. Make sure you have charged it completely after unboxing & before 1st use.
  • After that, turn on the Bluetooth in your smartphone/Laptop and the speaker. Now search for new Bluetooth devices (make sure your speaker is within 10-meter range).
  • Pair up the Bluetooth speaker. It’s like pairing any other Bluetooth device with your smartphone or Laptop.
  • Done! Now try streaming any video or music. It will stream from the speaker.

5 Advantages of Portable Speakers

1. They are Portable

Yes! The #1 reason why we should buy a Bluetooth speaker. You can use it at home, take it to the picnic or outdoors without any hassle. The logistical issues are sorted out once you have the wireless speaker.

Since there is no wiring involved, they need less maintenance, as compared to traditional speakers. Forget about those old bulky speakers because the innovation has made it possible to fit the music in your pocket.

cheap portable bluetooth speakers to buy in India

2. Power Efficient

If you are fed up with the fast consumption of your phone’s battery, try Bluetooth speakers. They come with inbuilt batteries and hence, do not eat the power of the source device.

Wireless speakers can easily serve you with music for 5-7 hours long on average. The Bluetooth technology uses power optimization techniques to reduce energy loss.

3. Access Multiple Functions

With the Bluetooth speakers, you get exposure to various features which make your lifestyle simple.

  • Access to calls:  If it has a mic, you can talk to your loved ones in a group or join the meeting.
  • Access voice assistants: Query the leading voice assistants like Google Now or Siri for cricket scores, weather etc.
  • SD card feature: Even if your phone is dead, you are still got covered with the MicroSD card. Enjoy your favourite songs offline without a break.
  • Multiple Connectivity options: You’re free to use AUX cable if you’re not comfortable with the Bluetooth. Either way, it works perfectly.

4. Sound Quality & Bass

Wireless speakers come with big size dynamic drivers which deliver blissful audio & deep bass. They are just perfect for your home. If you play music at optimum volume, the Hi-resolution sound quality left no stone unturned to amaze you.

Plus, the frequency response of Bluetooth speakers is excellent. As this factor plays a crucial role in the rich sound quality, They always have the upper hand over wired speakers.

5. Environment Friendly

Nowadays, most BT speakers come with an IP coated waterproof design. That means they are safe from water up to 2 meters of depth. That’s how you enjoy your outdoor party with Bluetooth speakers.

Additionally, the design is very robust, few are made up of Aluminium or Polycarbonate. So, the lifetime is going to be longer.

choose a waterproof wireless speaker

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Speakers

1. Restricted Range

The main drawback of wireless speakers is their range. Since the standard range of Bluetooth protocol is 10 meters (33 ft), your music will become stop if the distance between the source device & speaker exceeds 10 meters.

So, you have to make sure every time it stays within this range. But this factor does not matter if you use a MicroSD card inside it.

2. Frequent Charging

The second thing why wired speakers are still in the game is because you don’t need to charge them often. On the other hand, BT speakers require charging every 5-7 days.

However, it does not take too much time because the battery inside them is not too big. Indian brands are working on how we can get more battery backup in the new products.

3. Compatibility

Wireless speakers are not going to work with all devices. They will operate only with Bluetooth enabled devices. So, they might be compatible with smartphones or laptops, but will not pair up with your TV, in case it does not have Bluetooth function.

So, you need to decide wisely with which device you’re gonna use Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Now if you need one, we have prepared this definitive buying guide on how to choose the best Bluetooth speaker for your home or party.

1. Design & Build Quality

The first important thing you should keep in check is design & build quality. It is valid for every gadget, not only for Bluetooth speakers. Nowadays, we have plenty of options available in the Indian market with different designs, shapes & sizes.

You can buy a portable speaker with a cylindrical, cuboidal or spherical shape. The main body might be made up of Aluminium or polycarbonate. The robustness of these materials make the gadget durable & can be used for many years.

Also, if you intend to use it outdoor, prefer not to go with bulky speakers because it might defeat the purpose of portability. Keep it lightweight & handy.

boat bluetooth speakers in India

2. Connectivity & Flexibility

The next thing you have to check while selecting the Bluetooth speaker is what connectivity options are offered. Apart from the Bluetooth option, can you use an AUX cable if you want?

Also, we strongly recommend not to go with older Bluetooth versions. Choose a Bluetooth speaker coming with at least Bluetooth v5.0 or more. It is because the latest BT firmware offers better connectivity, stability, range & power optimization.

One last thing to check in this part is, does your wireless speaker supports a MicroSD card? It will allow you to enjoy songs without involving your smartphone or laptop.

3. Sound Quality

We can’t compromise with the sound quality of any audio device, be it an earphone, smartphone or Bluetooth speaker. What you should check is the driver size & if it offers HD sound quality.

Typically, wireless speakers come with a 40mm driver size, which is responsible for high-resolution audio & heavy bass. The bass radiators do this job pretty well.

Also, you have to see what is the frequency response of the Bluetooth speaker. Ideally, it should lie in the range of 150 Hz to20 kHz.

long hair man listening music with portable speaker

4. Battery & Output Power

Every portable device runs on its own battery power. The same case lies with the Bluetooth speakers. We need to have a backup of a minimum of 4-5 hours per single charge, at least.

It would support either USB-A or a Type-C charging cable. Prefer Type-C charging as it’s the latest. Few portable speakers support charging by power banks.

Further, the output power is important. Your speakers should generate an output power of at least 5W. It would be enough for a mid-sized room.

5. Microphones & Voice Assistants

In case you readily enjoy group calls, you might a Bluetooth speaker with an inbuilt microphone. It enables you to make conversations from a distance.

If you don’t explicitly need it, you can consider not having a mic & it will save you a few bucks.

Secondly, the voice assistants feature allows you to query for cricket scores, weather & news. It’s very similar to what smart speakers offer.

6. Personalization

Apart from offering so much value, portable speakers help you with home decor as well. Few speakers come with light effects which glow in accordance with the music.

Secondly, make sure your gadget is IP rated waterproof. Don’t go below IPX5 rating. Especially if you need it for picnic, party & outdoors, having a waterproof wireless speaker is a must.

Also, almost all models have onboard controls for playing/pausing the music & other functions. So make sure it’s present.

girl and boy rejoicing outdoor with wireless portable speakers

7. Budget

Last but not least, act according to your budget. Don’t buy cheap speakers of low quality. Also, no need to burn your pocket on high-end speakers with features you will not need ever.

In India, Bluetooth speakers are available for as low as Rs. 500 & up to Rs. 10000. So, you have to define your requirements, expectations & budget first, and then you can choose one.


We hope this buying guide for Bluetooth speakers is helpful to you. We have tried to cover every aspect of the buying process. Now the ball is in your hands.

In India, demand for portable speakers is increasing day by day. No doubt that this smart gadget justifies ‘one size fits all ‘. It serves multiple purposes at one time cost, that’s the reason you should need a Bluetooth speaker.

red cuboidal wireless portable speaker

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best Bluetooth speaker brand in India?

In India, we have a lot of brands offering wireless Bluetooth speakers at the best prices:

  1. boAt
  2. JBL
  3. Mivi
  4. Tagg
  5. Zebronics
  6. Marshall
  • Can a portable speaker work without a phone?

Yes, they do work without a phone. You can use it with a laptop or TV. If it supports an SD card, enjoy music without any source device.

  • Why is my wireless speaker connected but not playing?

This might be because of technical glitches. You can try one of these solutions:

  1. Disconnect & connect again
  2. Reset the Bluetooth speaker
  3. Reboot the smartphone & speaker
  4. Reset Bluetooth settings of your smartphone/laptop
  5. Check volume. Is it on mute?
  • Can portable speakers play radio?

Few Bluetooth speakers come with an FM radio function. If it is there, you can play FM radio.

  • What is the Bluetooth speaker used for?

You can use it for:

  1. Home audio system
  2. Party & outdoor
  3. Small get-togethers
  4. Conference/Group calls
  5. Accessing voice assistants
  • Which Bluetooth speaker is best?

We have already outlined the buying guide for Bluetooth speakers. Go through that & it will help you find the best product.

  • How to charge a wireless speaker?

We can charge them using the charging adapter & cable. Besides, few models support charging through power banks or smartphones/laptops.

  • What is the price of a Bluetooth speaker?

You can buy a portable speaker for as low as Rs. 499 to Rs. 10000.